Washing Linen

A Beginner’s Guide To Washing Luxury Bed Linens

Washing LinenNothing feels quite as amazing as sliding into bed after a long day and feeling the softness of luxury linens next to your skin. Investing in high-quality sheets and linens for your bed is one of the best ways to pamper yourself and to ensure a good night’s sleep. To help your bed linens last as long as possible, it is important to properly care for them. Check out the following tips on how to wash luxury bed linens to keep them feeling fresh and comfortable for a long time to come.

1. Avoid washing your sheets with heavy fabrics such as denim.

Additionally, never wash them with items that have zippers or with fabrics that create a lot of lint. Heavy fabrics can be too rough for the delicate fabric of the sheets. Likewise, any zippers, snaps or other metal objects may catch on them and cause damage. Finally, items like towels that leave behind a lot of lint can cause your sheets to lose their soft, silky feel.

2. Wash them in warm water on the gentle cycle.

You should choose the setting on your washing machine that provides the lowest amount of agitation. The goal is to get the sheets clean without unnecessary wear or abrasion.

3. If you use powdered laundry detergent, always dissolve it in the water inside the washer before you add the sheets.

One common mistake that people make is adding the sheets to the washer and then sprinkling the detergent in on top of them. Unfortunately, this can keep the detergent from dissolving properly in the water. As a result, you may be left with fine particles of it on your sheets after they are done washing. The next time you go to use them, you will find that they feel rough and gritty because of the excess detergent. The best way to avoid this problem is by making sure that the detergent is thoroughly dissolved in the water before you put the sheets in the washing machine.

4. Choose the mildest detergent that you can find.

Many experts recommend using a detergent that is designed for baby clothing. This type of detergent tends to contain fewer harsh ingredients than standard laundry detergents. There are also specialty detergents on the market that are designed specifically for high-end fabrics. Depending on the fabric content of the sheets that you purchase, you may prefer to use one of these detergents instead.

5. When it comes time to dry the sheets, air drying is generally the best option.

This will minimize the amount of wear to the fibers, helping to prolong the life of your sheets. If necessary, however, you can put them in the dryer. Just be sure to use a low-heat setting and the gentlest drying cycle available on your dryer. Remove the sheets from the dryer the minute they are done to prevent them from wrinkling.

Understanding how to wash luxury bed linens can help your sheets and pillowcases last as long as they possibly can. More importantly, however, it will help them keep that fresh, soft feeling that they had the first time that you used them on your bed.